Project outsourcing is a unique feature of our company services.We offer collective address of a client operation support.We have faced the agency of high staff turnover rate,hassle of manpower recruitment staff training and development cost.

Outsourcing our IT Projects and Services will save more than 50% of your project profit.

Why Adian ?

  • We allows you to understand current trends of project development.
  • We makes you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Adian skilled professionals will support you throughtout your project.
  • Reduce overhead cost and project opertions.
  • Completion of project with in your budget and in time.
  • Effordable pricing for every plan you take.


  • Experience of handing various technology projects.
  • Experience of having 100+ projects.
  • Freelancing support to the client.
  • Flexible project cost outline.
  • Ability to quickly understand the needs of our clients and deliver the project on time.
  • Experience of communication with global clients.
  • Transparent approach and trust worthy.
  • Maintain longterm relationships.
  • Competitive with current trends in market with o compromise approch.

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